Sports and PL week 25

My kids LOVE sports. I was never into sports too much as a kid. I played a season of baseball. I danced and did gymnastics from Junior high until college. It was all recreational though. My son lives and breathes football and my daughter is a softball junkie. For the past few weeks, my daughter has been playing on an All-Star team. We've traveled all over for her tournaments. Which means, a lot of time away from home. I don't know how people stay in hotels every week. It's just plain exhausting. Most of the time we preplan our meals to help reduce our spending. We usually pack a few giant ice chests with food. This works out well since we spend most of our time at parks. Even planning the meals is exhausting. Last weekend I was reminded of why I do it though. it's sooooo expensive eating out. Last weekend I decided to not pack an ice chest and seriously, our expenses for the weekend tripled. We did have a great time though.

Last week's PL consists mostly of sports since that is what we did. I used a combination of Cocoa Daisy & Scrapbook Circle to complete my spread.
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