A while ago I was inspired by the colors of Mexico and created this painting. I love everything about it.  The colors, the fact that the background is coming up through the skin, the hair, everything.   If I had to pick a favorite part, it would have to be the bun on the side of her head.   It's funky, totally out of place and I love it. Like most of my paintings, I sold this one to a dear friend who gifted it to another dear friend.  I'm delighted it has a new home and that someone loves it as much or even more than I do.

 Here's one more painting for you. A friend of mine asked me for a painting of a giraffe.   I have NEVER drawn or painted a giraffe, so this was a big of a challenge.  In my research I came across a giraffe that had a heart in her coat and I loved the idea so much, I included it here.   I love how the eyelashes came out. :) 

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  1. Pamela Says:

    She is beautiful!! Well done! Love the giraffe too! :)

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