Merry Christmas


Rockin' Christmas

I let the kids decorate the Christmas tree this year. They had so much fun and it's still a work in progress. They'll go up and move ornaments around until they find the perfect spot.  I think what I love most about our Christmas tree is that it's NOT perfect. It's a big ol' mix of ornaments of various styles.  I would love to put up a small, feathery tree of white and decorate it in perfect pink ornaments...

Tree Trimmin' Party

X-Mas Market

Santa's Bag O' Goodies

All by Shabby Miss Jenn

Luv My Cute Vaio

I took these pictures last year. I was actually intending on making a "birth announcement" for all my digital buddies.  BTW- the birth weight is just under 5 lbs with the battery. heehee

I was going through my some pictures from last year and decided that I really MUST make a layout about my adorable little computer.

Winter Ponies

Cherrywood Farm

Shabby Snowkisses

X-Mas Market

Harvest Night

All by Shabby Miss Jenn

Annika the Pooh

Annika was the cutest at Disneyland this week.  She pranced around Disney with these adorable Pooh ears.  I just love 'em.

Shabby Snowkisses by Shabby Miss Jenn
French Attic by Shabby Miss Jenn
Harvest Night by Shabby Miss Jenn
Tree Trimmin' Party by Shabby Miss Jenn
Baskerville Old Face
Black Jack


New Blog

You can find me here....

My Blog at Typepad.

Holiday Concert

I downloaded the photos from Alex's Holiday Concert and man was I disappointed. :(   Every single one of them was BLURRY.  Bad blurry. :(  I keep playing around with the settings on my camera and I keep forgetting to turn the dial back to "Auto".   I did however manage to "kinda" save two of the pictures. 

Whimsical Wonder (12 days Freebie) by Flergs

Chocolate Berry Glitter
by Flergs

Photographer's Assistant Actions
by Holly McCaig

Bambi Bold

Black Jack



I don't even know what to say, this digital artist is INCREDIBLE!!! I love her stuff.  I need some funds in my paypal so that I can buy everything else she has to offer!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!


by Flergs

Chocolate Berry
by Flergs
Grunged Glitter by Flergs

Bambi Bold

Black Jack


Sweet Annika

While reading the forums at DigiShopTalk I stumbled onto a post where people were showing off some of their favorite kits.  I was in awe with a particular designer, Flergs.  I headed over to her store and bought two of her kits and two of her Glitter styles.  Flergs stuff is AWESOME!!! I really can't believe how easy it is to work with.


Chocolate Berry
by Flergs

Chocolate Berry Glitter
by Flergs

by Flergs

Photographer's Assistant Actions
by Holly McCaig

Bambi Bold

Augusta ES


Rady and Suzette...heritage layout

I purchased this new kit from SMJ a few weeks ago.  I open it up every day and look at all the awesome elements and the amazing backgrounds.  I bought it because it was so beautiful, however I really didn't have a use for it. I've been bound and determined to create a layout that would not only show off all the awesome details of the kit, but show off an amazing picture too!

Here you go... Rady and Suzette.... (I don't have a date for this picture yet)

French Attic by Shabby Miss Jenn

Frayed Fabric Action by Atomic Cupcake

Black Jack


Disney Album 2006

After my last layout I decided that I'm going to make an ENTIRE album dedicated to last year's trip.   My intention is to buy (or make) an adorable little 8x8 shabby album to store this little treasure.

All of the layouts use:

"Twas the Night" by Shabby Princess.





Is he gonna eat THAT?

We are getting ready for our annual trip to Disneyland.  My mother-in-law started this tradition a few years back.  We were actually NOT planning on going this year.  Annika asked Jamie last week, "When are we going to Disneyland?"  Dad felt a bit guilty and answered, "Next week!" LOL   Our annual passes expire later this week, so the expensive part of the trip is paid for.  We'll be taking the motorhome so we won't have to pay for a hotel, just food and goodies (goodies translates into ALL THE CRAP WE HAVE TO HAVE!!!).

This layout is from last years character breakfast.  I'm not sure if this is Chip or Dale.

Twas the Night by Shabby Princess
CK Chick


Doll House

Last Christmas Annika got from us the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse complete with all the furniture.   (Mom happened to get a great deal on eBay).  She had so much setting is up and playing house.

Winter Wonderland by Shabby Princess
Catch a Star by Gina Cabrera
Shabby Snowkisses Alpha by Shabby Miss Jenn
Funky Chic by Shabby Miss Jenn
CK Teacher's Pet
Black Jack 


Christmas Eve 2006

Last Christmas I took the WORST pictures EVER.  They were all blurry.  This is what happened.  A few days BEFORE Christmas I was playing in the manual mode on my camera, Nikon D70.  I took some awesome pictures of Alex's eyes, I was specifically working on getting some really great catchlights.

Then Christmas Eve came along.  I forgot to set my camera back to the AUTO mode and I began shooting like a crazy woman.  I shot most of Christmas morning still in the wrong mode.  I was CRUSHED when I downloaded my pictures and saw that all of them were blurry.  Ahhh man!!!!

This is one of my BLURRY pictures from Christmas Eve. I tried to sharpen it just a bit.

Xmas Market by Shabby Miss Jenn
Black Jack font

Holiday Shopping-Digital

I am out of control!!! All it takes is one of my new favorite designers to make a new kit and it's in my shopping cart faster than an Olympic track star.

Here are just a FEW of my purchases over the past few weeks.....


Smj02_2 Smj04_2




Advent Calendar

I finished my Advent Calendar.  I totally love it.  I went out Tuesday night and spent nearly $25 bucks on assorted boxes and paints.  Over the past few evenings I painted the boxes.  Today I added the numbers and tomorrow (I know, it's late) I'll add the little messages.  My plan is to add family activities to each of the boxes.  I brainstormed a list, it's not in any particular order and is subject to change.

  1. Make hot chocolate
  2. Drive around and look for Christmas lights
  3. Play a game together
  4. Watch Christmas Vacation
  5. Watch Polar Express
  6. Make cookies
  7. Purchase a special ornament
  8. Let the kids decide dinner
  9. Go out for ice cream
  10. Starbucks for everyone :) (Guess who picked this one??)
  11. Purchase a gift for someone in need
  12. Make cards for the grands
  13. Have egg nog
  14. Sing Jingle Bells
  15. Read the Night before Christmas
  16. Turn the kids loose with a budget in a discount store
  17. Write a note to Santa
  18. Give the neighbors a small gift
  19. Make tags for presents
  20. Make a donation to a charity
  21. Kids pick the movie
  22. Make paper snowflakes
  23. String popcorn
  24. Call a relative and wish them a happy holiday

Here's the funny thing...
Alex informed me that I'm missing number 24!! LOL  I guess I need to head over the Michael's to get another box. :)

Check out Ali Edward's calendar, Shari's calendar, and Martha's calendar.

The Night Before Christmas (2006)

Love this new kit from Shabby Miss Jenn.

Tree Trimmin' Party by Shabby Miss Jenn


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