Advent Calendar

I finished my Advent Calendar.  I totally love it.  I went out Tuesday night and spent nearly $25 bucks on assorted boxes and paints.  Over the past few evenings I painted the boxes.  Today I added the numbers and tomorrow (I know, it's late) I'll add the little messages.  My plan is to add family activities to each of the boxes.  I brainstormed a list, it's not in any particular order and is subject to change.

  1. Make hot chocolate
  2. Drive around and look for Christmas lights
  3. Play a game together
  4. Watch Christmas Vacation
  5. Watch Polar Express
  6. Make cookies
  7. Purchase a special ornament
  8. Let the kids decide dinner
  9. Go out for ice cream
  10. Starbucks for everyone :) (Guess who picked this one??)
  11. Purchase a gift for someone in need
  12. Make cards for the grands
  13. Have egg nog
  14. Sing Jingle Bells
  15. Read the Night before Christmas
  16. Turn the kids loose with a budget in a discount store
  17. Write a note to Santa
  18. Give the neighbors a small gift
  19. Make tags for presents
  20. Make a donation to a charity
  21. Kids pick the movie
  22. Make paper snowflakes
  23. String popcorn
  24. Call a relative and wish them a happy holiday

Here's the funny thing...
Alex informed me that I'm missing number 24!! LOL  I guess I need to head over the Michael's to get another box. :)

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