Christmas Eve 2006

Last Christmas I took the WORST pictures EVER.  They were all blurry.  This is what happened.  A few days BEFORE Christmas I was playing in the manual mode on my camera, Nikon D70.  I took some awesome pictures of Alex's eyes, I was specifically working on getting some really great catchlights.

Then Christmas Eve came along.  I forgot to set my camera back to the AUTO mode and I began shooting like a crazy woman.  I shot most of Christmas morning still in the wrong mode.  I was CRUSHED when I downloaded my pictures and saw that all of them were blurry.  Ahhh man!!!!

This is one of my BLURRY pictures from Christmas Eve. I tried to sharpen it just a bit.

Xmas Market by Shabby Miss Jenn
Black Jack font

2 Responses
  1. Sharon Says:

    Looks like a cool photo to me - mine were blurry too. Sigh.

  2. OMG your page is REMARKABLY AWESOME! May I please add it to the SMJ Gallery? :) If so please email it to me! TY TY!!!!

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