Golden Desert

48_k_goldendesertI finished another kit!!! Woohooo!!!! I think that it's so funny that I live in the desert yet I haven't created a desert kit.



I have been sooooooooooo busy the past few weeks creating tons of layouts for the July CDs and July Club Digital.  Phew...what a whirlwind!!!

I've decided to hold a little contest.  I'm going to give you the links to my latest layouts.  Leave me a comment on the layout and  I'm going to pick ONE random winner to receive my newest kit, Pink Pointsettia for free!

You don't have to comment on all the layouts.

Are you ready?

The Grand Canyon

The California Science Center


The Mad Hatter


Mark Twain


New England - Mystic Seaport


New York


Route 66


Yosemite Checklist


Blong was the NEWEST craze of the early 21st century. Started by a graphics designer specializing in scrapbooking who was also an English teacher, Samara Gugler coined the word in Summer of 2007. Behind the scenes research from a source who wished to remain anonymous revealed that it was actually a misspelled word.

So I was showing my revamped blog to my friend Deb but instead of saying look at my blog I said, "Look at my new blong."


Teenage Car

Did you have your own car as a teenager or did you have to use the
family car? What kind was it? If a family car, were you responsible to
pay for the gas when you used it? How often were you allowed to use it?
What restrictions, if any, were on it? If your own, did you purchase it
yourself or was it a gift? How much did it cost and who paid the
insurance on it?

I got my driver's license when I was 17 years old, nearly one year after I first tried!  I failed my first test.  My father insisted that I take my test in the stick shift Toyota and when the test was over, I forgot to set the parking brake and the car rolled away!  When I finally did pass my parents allowed me to use their 1979 Toyota Celica, it was the coupe model and yes, it was beige!  I not only had to pay for gas, but I also had to pay for insurance.  The real bummer was on the night before I graduated the car was stolen from our driveway. :(

Teenage Jobs

Did you have an after school job as a teenager? What kind of job was
it? What were you paid? What is your best and worst memory of the job?

I worked many jobs as a teenager. My step-mother was a CPA and I spent many a night and weekend doing data entry or filing.

My first "real" out of the house job was at THE SURPRISE STORE. It was a small clothing, sporting goods, and shoe store.  We used to carry almost an entire line of Levi jeans.  It was a fun gig and I used to get a discount on my favorite Reeboks!

After this job I went to work at a place called Top Drawer.  We made and installed custom drawer and shelf lining.  Most of our clients were in Beverly Hills and wanted their drawers lined with silk or satin.  THis wasn't a bad gig, it paid nearly $15/hour and we got amazing tips!

After this I went to work for a place called Kids n' Paint.  We had plaster and ceramic statuettes that people painted.  I was the "lead" party girl there and basically planned and coordinated birthday parties.   Once I was the host of Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman's daughter's birthday party.  The only thing I remember about the party was that I got a $100 tip!!!

I also worked at the Northridge Mall. I worked at an upscale toy store called Play Things, it was a division of KB Toys.  We had Madame Alexander Dolls, Bob Mackie Barbies, and many other fine toys.  It was fun, but the pay was horrible!!

Teenage Television

Television.... Where would we be without television? Seriously though.
Did you have a tv set while you were growing up? If not, did your
neighbors or friends? If you did, what were some of the shows that were
on and what were your favorites?

We had a color television with a BETA recorder!!!  Raise your hand if you remember BETA!!!

I remember when HBO was just a baby. I also remember watching shows on Nickelodeon and when MTV had music videos!!!

I remember that one of our TV's had a remote with a cord!!! Imagine that!?!?!  Or even worse, some TV's didn't even have remotes!!! ACK!!!

As I got a little older my favorite shows were "Cosby Show", "Growing Pains", "Magnum P.I." (Tom Selleck was HOT!), and "Hart to Hart".  Check out this site for shows of the 1980s.

Teenage Music

Did you listen to a lot of music as a teenager? Did you have a stereo,
radio, cd player or reel to reel? Who was your favorite music artist?
Favorite song? Which one still moves you today?

I'm going back and doing all of Tink's blog prompts as they are so much fun!

I listened to a TON of music as a teenager.  Living in Los Angeles we had all the music, concerts, and radio stations a teen could want!  I remember my stereo system, it was a dual cassette, with am/fm.  Sometimes my girlfriends would record ourselves singing (I guess this was pre-Kareoke).

My favorite music artists were Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure, Yaz, Madonna,  and so many more!!!  Favorite song, hmmm.  I really can't think of a favorite song because I loved them all so much!!!

Omg, you want to know which still moves me?  ALL OF THEM!!! I'm a huge 80's music fan and still listen to my old school tunes!!

Evening meals as a teen

What typical evening meals did you eat as a teenager? Did your mother
or father prepare them or did you? What was your favorite? Least

I think I'm trying to catch up with six months of blogging in ONE night! LOL
Chicken and Uncle Ben's Rice.  My step mother usually did all the cooking with my father helping.   My favorite meal was spaghetti.  My father made some type of white sauce, it was really good!   My least favorite meal was FISH, ugh!!! I remember sitting at the table spitting the fish out into my napkin and then getting up and throwing it away!


"What were your high school colors? Team names? Clubs you belong too?
Did you graduate? What do you remember most about your graduation day?"

Todays DSP BLOG PROMPT got me thinking about my old high school, Reseda High.  High School was such an awesome experience for me.  I went to school in the 80's in the San Fernando Valley!!! Can you say 'like' I was a totally awesome valley girl?  Hahahaha!  Ohh, I loved high school so much that I still listen to the 80's radio station!!!!  Right now I'm listening to Foreigner's "I want to Know what love is" on XM Radio.

Back to the prompt!  My high school colors were Columbia Blue and Navy. Our mascot was the "Regent", a very cool lion with a crown!  I belonged to the Dance Team, Body Express, headed by an awesome teacher, Mrs. Linda Kaya.  I also was on the Drill Team during my sophomore year.  During my senior year I belonged to a few clubs, but I can't remember them now!!!

I graduated on some June day in 1990.  The one thing I remember about my graduation was that I wore a short suit under my cap and gown.  I was freaking out because I thought they wouldn't let me walk once they found out that I was wearing shorts.

The first layout is me with my date, Mike Fitch.  My prom was at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.   The second layout was taken at my Junior Winter Formal in 1989.  My date was Claudio Gomez.  The dance was held at the Queen Mary       And finally, the last layout features my senior picture along with some Year_i_graduated_copyinteresting facts about the year I graduated.

Bad Blogger!!!

OMG!!! DECEMBER 21 was my last entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm such a bad, bad, bad blogger!!!!

Well, a lot has happened in the 6 months, but I won't go into that.  What's going on with me NOW???

I just finished an adorable kit, Christmas Pointesettia.  It's WAY cute and WAY PINK!!! I hope you LOVE it!!!!

ArialsmallIt's summer vacation which is the BOMB!!! Last week I took the kids to Disneyland, ugh, what an adventure!!!

This week I took the kids to the California Science Center with my pops, that was so much fun!!!!

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