"What were your high school colors? Team names? Clubs you belong too?
Did you graduate? What do you remember most about your graduation day?"

Todays DSP BLOG PROMPT got me thinking about my old high school, Reseda High.  High School was such an awesome experience for me.  I went to school in the 80's in the San Fernando Valley!!! Can you say 'like' I was a totally awesome valley girl?  Hahahaha!  Ohh, I loved high school so much that I still listen to the 80's radio station!!!!  Right now I'm listening to Foreigner's "I want to Know what love is" on XM Radio.

Back to the prompt!  My high school colors were Columbia Blue and Navy. Our mascot was the "Regent", a very cool lion with a crown!  I belonged to the Dance Team, Body Express, headed by an awesome teacher, Mrs. Linda Kaya.  I also was on the Drill Team during my sophomore year.  During my senior year I belonged to a few clubs, but I can't remember them now!!!

I graduated on some June day in 1990.  The one thing I remember about my graduation was that I wore a short suit under my cap and gown.  I was freaking out because I thought they wouldn't let me walk once they found out that I was wearing shorts.

The first layout is me with my date, Mike Fitch.  My prom was at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.   The second layout was taken at my Junior Winter Formal in 1989.  My date was Claudio Gomez.  The dance was held at the Queen Mary       And finally, the last layout features my senior picture along with some Year_i_graduated_copyinteresting facts about the year I graduated.

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  1. loonyhiker Says:

    I'm so impressed that you remember all of this stuff! I never knew a valley girl until like you know you wrote that down. Now I can like say I do. lol

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