Teenage Television

Television.... Where would we be without television? Seriously though.
Did you have a tv set while you were growing up? If not, did your
neighbors or friends? If you did, what were some of the shows that were
on and what were your favorites?

We had a color television with a BETA recorder!!!  Raise your hand if you remember BETA!!!

I remember when HBO was just a baby. I also remember watching shows on Nickelodeon and when MTV had music videos!!!

I remember that one of our TV's had a remote with a cord!!! Imagine that!?!?!  Or even worse, some TV's didn't even have remotes!!! ACK!!!

As I got a little older my favorite shows were "Cosby Show", "Growing Pains", "Magnum P.I." (Tom Selleck was HOT!), and "Hart to Hart".  Check out this site for shows of the 1980s.

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