Teenage Music

Did you listen to a lot of music as a teenager? Did you have a stereo,
radio, cd player or reel to reel? Who was your favorite music artist?
Favorite song? Which one still moves you today?

I'm going back and doing all of Tink's blog prompts as they are so much fun!

I listened to a TON of music as a teenager.  Living in Los Angeles we had all the music, concerts, and radio stations a teen could want!  I remember my stereo system, it was a dual cassette, with am/fm.  Sometimes my girlfriends would record ourselves singing (I guess this was pre-Kareoke).

My favorite music artists were Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure, Yaz, Madonna,  and so many more!!!  Favorite song, hmmm.  I really can't think of a favorite song because I loved them all so much!!!

Omg, you want to know which still moves me?  ALL OF THEM!!! I'm a huge 80's music fan and still listen to my old school tunes!!

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