Teenage Jobs

Did you have an after school job as a teenager? What kind of job was
it? What were you paid? What is your best and worst memory of the job?

I worked many jobs as a teenager. My step-mother was a CPA and I spent many a night and weekend doing data entry or filing.

My first "real" out of the house job was at THE SURPRISE STORE. It was a small clothing, sporting goods, and shoe store.  We used to carry almost an entire line of Levi jeans.  It was a fun gig and I used to get a discount on my favorite Reeboks!

After this job I went to work at a place called Top Drawer.  We made and installed custom drawer and shelf lining.  Most of our clients were in Beverly Hills and wanted their drawers lined with silk or satin.  THis wasn't a bad gig, it paid nearly $15/hour and we got amazing tips!

After this I went to work for a place called Kids n' Paint.  We had plaster and ceramic statuettes that people painted.  I was the "lead" party girl there and basically planned and coordinated birthday parties.   Once I was the host of Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman's daughter's birthday party.  The only thing I remember about the party was that I got a $100 tip!!!

I also worked at the Northridge Mall. I worked at an upscale toy store called Play Things, it was a division of KB Toys.  We had Madame Alexander Dolls, Bob Mackie Barbies, and many other fine toys.  It was fun, but the pay was horrible!!

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