Teenage Car

Did you have your own car as a teenager or did you have to use the
family car? What kind was it? If a family car, were you responsible to
pay for the gas when you used it? How often were you allowed to use it?
What restrictions, if any, were on it? If your own, did you purchase it
yourself or was it a gift? How much did it cost and who paid the
insurance on it?

I got my driver's license when I was 17 years old, nearly one year after I first tried!  I failed my first test.  My father insisted that I take my test in the stick shift Toyota and when the test was over, I forgot to set the parking brake and the car rolled away!  When I finally did pass my parents allowed me to use their 1979 Toyota Celica, it was the coupe model and yes, it was beige!  I not only had to pay for gas, but I also had to pay for insurance.  The real bummer was on the night before I graduated the car was stolen from our driveway. :(

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  1. debbers Says:

    ... the car I got to drive was not my own, but I was pretty much the only person who drove it. Of course, I also had to haul around my younger sister and do some errands for Mom and Dad with it, too.
    What was it?
    A 1968, V-8, 4 on the floor Mustang. Metallic green paint job and everything.
    No joke. :)
    Mom and Dad bought it with only a few thousand miles on it from the Chevy dealer in 1968. Dad drove it for a couple years, but when I turned 16, I think my parents were just DONE with running my sister and I around. Since he and Mom worked at the same place, well, they rode together in the regular family car. And I drove the 'stang.
    As a parent, I look back at that and shudder. My oldest got to use the family car; a 1990 Ford Taurus Wagon. ::chuckle::

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