Some new layouts...

AnnikafluttersmallThis first layout is of my daughter.  My son was playing baseball and we were all cheering for him and I guess ignoring Annika.  I looked back to check on her and she was sitting so peacefully near the edge of the park on the fence. Lauren's kit was so perfect for the mood that I wanted to set.
Annika at the field @ DSP

I'm such a BAD mom. I didn't take ANY pictures of my kids this July 4th. We had a pretty low key day at home, went to watch fireworks strictly as an after thought. I took these pictures LAST year right after we moved into our house.
I adore this kit by Val.  It is so dang cute!! The colors are awesome too!!!  2 American Kids @ DSP

I'm so missing Alex right now. He's away at camp and I think I'm having a harder time than he is! I was going through some pictures from last year and came across this one.  I love it.  I've used it before too, but that's ok.  Here's my big guy on his dirtbike that he so loves. My son has NO FEAR what-so-ever when he's on top of this bike. He's crashed, he's seized the bike, he's even had one ambulance ride to the hospital (hopefully we don't do that again).  He's a hard rider.  He really wants to start riding the track so that he can compete. I used Lisa's perfect kit, Fearless.  It totally ROCKS!  No Fear @ DSP

Happy 4th!!!

Today was a pretty quiet day at home.  Earlier we went to my FAVORITE store in the world, Target, for some general stuff.  I got a cute new PINK water bottle so that I can attempt to drink more water.  The trick with me is that it must be ICE cold.  Back in Jan the doctor suggested that I drink less Diet Coke.  I went off of it cold turkey for about 2 weeks and honestly, I felt great.  Why I started drinking it again, I'll never know.

Tonight we drove out into literally the middle of nowhere so the kids could watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds.  We sat in the back of the truck and had a WONDERFUL time.  Annika was a little upset that she couldn't hear or smell the fireworks.  I guess she's my child that likes all of her senses engaged.  The rest of us were quite fine being away from the smoke and most of all the crowds!

Contest WInners....

The winners have been chosen...

Congratulations gundimom and scrapmel!!! You both get the Pink Pointsettia kit for FREE!!!

Fantasia LaLa

I'm on a ROLL!!!! I just finished this one tonight.48_k_fantasialala

Extras for Vintage Baby Girl

I'm doing a little file cleaning and am coming across some fun little extras that never made it into the main kit.

Vintage Baby Girl Extras

These extras go with the main kit, which is available for purchase.
Vintage Baby Girl

Japanese Garden

Can you believe it?   I have finished another kit!!!!  I actually started this kit about 2 months ago, but just finished it today!

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