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AnnikafluttersmallThis first layout is of my daughter.  My son was playing baseball and we were all cheering for him and I guess ignoring Annika.  I looked back to check on her and she was sitting so peacefully near the edge of the park on the fence. Lauren's kit was so perfect for the mood that I wanted to set.
Annika at the field @ DSP

I'm such a BAD mom. I didn't take ANY pictures of my kids this July 4th. We had a pretty low key day at home, went to watch fireworks strictly as an after thought. I took these pictures LAST year right after we moved into our house.
I adore this kit by Val.  It is so dang cute!! The colors are awesome too!!!  2 American Kids @ DSP

I'm so missing Alex right now. He's away at camp and I think I'm having a harder time than he is! I was going through some pictures from last year and came across this one.  I love it.  I've used it before too, but that's ok.  Here's my big guy on his dirtbike that he so loves. My son has NO FEAR what-so-ever when he's on top of this bike. He's crashed, he's seized the bike, he's even had one ambulance ride to the hospital (hopefully we don't do that again).  He's a hard rider.  He really wants to start riding the track so that he can compete. I used Lisa's perfect kit, Fearless.  It totally ROCKS!  No Fear @ DSP

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