I did it! I resigned from designing. I still can't believe it. It was a dream come true when I was accepted as a designer at DSP.  I still remember Lauren looking at my stuff and forwarding it to Amanda for final approval.  I didn't even apply to become a designer, they invited me. :)

This week has been bittersweet.  I don't regret my decision one bit.  I felt like I lost 1000 lbs after I sent my resignation letter.  I have no sour grapes, I just have relief.

Being a designer is a lot of responsibility.  It takes a HUGE amount of time.   This school year it seems that the ONE thing I lack most is TIME.  I haven't been getting home from work until after 5:00 pm.  When I do arrive home, I'm totally exhausted! 

With Alex's demanding sports schedule, my insane work schedule, and Annika's desire to return back to ballet classes, something HAD to give.  Since teaching is what actually pays the bill I really had no choice.

Please don't think that I intend to QUIT designing forever!!!  Watch the blog for FREEBIES and most of all LAYOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!! I get to scrap for ME!!! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!

So what did I do in my first week off??? I made a layout about...


my Hoover Floormate!!!!


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  1. Sharon Says:

    I'm glad you made the right decision for you!! I don't know where you found the time to do it all. Having fun is what it is all about after all. Love that layout - too funny!

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