Lost ATM card

The other night I stopped to get gas and realized that my ATM card was GONE, GONE, GONE!  The day before I had made a deposit at the bank. I kept replaying the motions in my head. Did I ever pick up my card after I was finished with my transaction? After the bank I took Annika to Burger King and paid with.........MY ATM card!  This was the last time I saw my beloved ATM card.  I don't think the girl handed the card back to me.  As soon as I realized this, I immediately called the Burger King to see if they had my card.  Imagine my SURPRISE when the manager said, "Oh, we have LOTS of ATM cards!!" I said, "Oh great!"  He began to list all the names on ALL the cards!!! I kept saying, nope, nope, not mine.  I still can't believe the guy read all the names on the cards!!!!!!!!!! 

As soon as I got home I checked my Online banking report and NO strange transactions popped up. Phew...  I then had to make the call that I hate the most. I had to call the bank so they could issue me a new card.  The man says, Ok ma'am that will take about 7-10 days for the new card to arrive.  I said, "How am I supposed to eat? How am I supposed to get gas? How am I supposed to do ANYTHING without a card??"  He laughed and said, "I understand."   He says you can write a check and go into any branch and cash it with photo ID.  I said, "WHAT? Go to the bank?  We have banks around here?  You can go inside them? WHat??" The man started laughing and said calmly, "Yes. Um, ma'am is there anything else I can help you with?" "Hmpf! No I think I'm done harassing you."

Here I sit on day 2 without a bank card. I feel so alone, so hungry, and so out of gas. 


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