Sick Chicken

Poor little Chicken kitten is sick.  Sunday we noticed her throw up, but thought it was just a hairball.  She really has lost her appetite over the week and hasn't pooped in a few days. Yesterday she started throwing up a yellowish fluid.  I called to get her in to the vet and the earliest they had was this afternoon.  The vet did his exam and told us that she was constipated.  They did an enema and sent us home with a prescription laxative, prescription food, and a prescription for an anti-vomit med.  I have to FORCE feed her because she won't eat the food. I dare mention the mess I'm dealing with?  I've locked the cat in the shower with the litter box and a bunch of towels. I figure the shower is easy to clean.

2 Responses
  1. webfrau Says:

    UGH! Nothing worse than having to force feed a cat - been there, done that. I hope she recovers soon, for both your sakes.

  2. Sharon Says:

    ugh - oh no!! Sounds horrible. Hope the kitty is better soon.

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