Happy Tuesday

Nothing to report this morning!  I just wanted to wish you all a happy Tuesday!  Thanks so much for all the emails and comments, I really, really appreciate them.  I now have TWO email addresses....
SamaraGugler@gmail.com and AnnikaAlex@gmail.com   I don't care which one you use.

Guess what I'm working on???  An alphabet VERY similar to the one in my Love Floormate layout!!! Wooohooo!!!! Watch the blog so that you don't miss it!

No bankcard yet. :(  In all seriousness, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT ONE?????????   

2 Responses
  1. webfrau Says:

    That will be a wonderful fun alpha - I'll be watching. As for the bankcard I have no idea how you live without, I'm not sure I'd even recognise cash. LOL Hang in there it'll be here soon.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Still no bankcard? Seriously, how hard can it be??

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