Project Life-Week 23

It's been nearly two, maybe more, years since I've scrapbooked, really scrapbooked.  I've stopped taking my nice Nikon dSLR camera places, rarely put my little Canon Powershot in my purse, and basically have just shut out the world of scrapbooking.   Then my iPhone happened.  I started snapping pictures like crazy.  I was snapping silly moments, stupid moments, pictures of my hamburger, my shoes, the TV, the get it, I've seen your Instagram!   Anyway, my kids were complaining because I stopped documenting their lives and they weren't happy about that.   I used to be OBSESSED with photoshop.  Heck I'm still obsessed with the program, ahem...CS6 in da' hizzouse.   I tried to digitally scrap a page and that wasn't working.  I just don't enjoy sitting in front of the computer like I used to.    I started seeing some of my friends doing this crazy thing called Project Life and I was like, oh that's interesting, but "OH HELL NO, I can't commit to a project like that."

Like most things in my life, I like and thrive on being spontaneous.   I decided the week before Jan 1st that I was going to try my hand at Project Life.  I cleared a space in my studio, decided that I was only going to use product I had on hand, ya' right, and I was going to document our life, ONE WEEK at a TIME.

I honestly never imagined that I'd make it to week 4, then week 8 happened, and hell, now we are at week 22 and I'm still going strong!  I'm having the time of my life.  I seriously look forward to working in my album.   I haven't done this alone either.  I have a small group of 150 of my besties to encourage me along.   Yes, 150 of my facebook friends are also joining me in documenting our lives.

So what to attribute my success of NOT being a PROJECT LIFE failure?
1.) No rules...  I do what I want, when I want.  Some weeks are totally cohesive, some not.
2.) My iPhone... I strictly use my iPhone for all my pictures.  Why?  I always have it.   I don't have to drag out my big camera, load memory cards, check the battery, etc.
3.) My wireless Epson printer....I print directly from my iPhone.  I'm lazy.  Super, dooper lazy.  I admit it.  If I had to load photos from my phone to my computer and then print, trust me, I wouldn't do it.
4.) My club kits.  Yeah.  I was totally not going to buy anything for this project.  And then my facebook friends got to me.  They are a bunch of filthy enabling jerks.   I subscribe to Cocoa Daisy, Scrapbook Circle, and Studio Calico.  (IF YOU DECIDE TO SUBSCRIBE, PALEEZE use my name as a reference....m'kay? -Samara Gugler)  I LOVE getting my monthly kits and have a blast using new product on my spreads.  
5.) Record the good with the bad.  I record it all.  If it's real bad, I just might make a card that says, "This sucks."   I might or might not add some hidden journaling, it depends.   My estranged mother died this year and I documented it with hidden journaling.  My kids will appreciate my words when they are older.   My daughter had to have an emergency appendectomy.  I did a bunch of inserts documenting her hospital stay.
6.) Don't fall behind.  I think the most that I've fallen behind is about a 1.5 weeks.  I find that if I fall behind, I forget what was going on.  I make a point to work on my book each week or at least print the photos.

At the request of some of my friends, I'm going to be adding some photos and detail shots of my Project Life album. I sure hope you enjoy! :)

Paper: Basic Grey-Knee Highs (Orange)
Paper: Basic Grey- Freeze Tag(Black Text)
Scalloped Text Sticker: He Said, She Said by Teresa Collins
Flair: Studio Calico
Glitter Tape: American Crafts
Post it Tag: (Today) He Said by Teresa Collins
Letters: Rockabye by American Crafts
Date Stamper
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