Scrapbooking...Then and Now

I've been involved in scrapbooking for at least 20 years and I've had the pleasure of seeing the industry grow and evolve into what it is today.  Today I was working on a layout when a few things dawned on me.

1.) It's more artistic than it ever was.  Imagine putting gesso and paint on a page then...THE HORRORS!! The CM police would be having a witch hunt on your lawn and they'd for sure revoke your scrap card.
2.) Perfection is not necessary.  Back in the day, it was magic matters, and perfect layers...everything lined up neat and tidy.  Now imperfection is almost the norm.  We mess up and say, "It's all good, I'll work with it."
This is the layout that Chicken spilled water on.  You can see, but the paper is totally warped. Guess what?  It's all good and going into the album just like this.

3.) Hoarding.  I used to  still do own every color, every pattern in just about every paper ever made.  I had to have multiple sheets of it too in case I ran out during a very important project.  Now I buy ONE sheet if I love it.  If I need to use it again, I order a new one!!!   I'm going through my old stash and finally purging my ginghams, plaids, dots, and other patterns from days long past.  It feels great too!

4.) Stickers.  Are. Freakin. Amazing.

5.) Seriously, stickers today are amazing. The textures, the depth, the color, the paper they are on.  I could go on and on and on and on.  I love the stickers today.

6.) Thickers. 'Nuff said. I may or may not have 38 UNIQUE designs of Thickers.  I may or may not have duplicates of some of my favorites.  ^^See post regarding hoarding.

 For details on this layout, visit HERE.

I leave you with this tiny glimpse into my studio. :)

9 Responses
  1. Love the glimpse of your workspace. I have two of those carts sitting right behind me although one has been stolen by Miss Three for all her bits and bobs. Love the changes you have noticed through your time in the field.

  2. Debby Says:

    LOL So very true. You forgot now you can "order" your scrapbook supplies easily. Your room is well organized.

  3. lil gik Says:

    great post and great scraproom! do you remember the kits by Amscan?!? glad the industry has come leaps and bounds from that!

  4. Fun and interesting observations about this evolving industry!

  5. So true! It's funny that you comment on the perfection issue, as just yesterday I was struggling with a sewing project I'm working on and I was thinking, "If this was a scrapbook page, I could just cover up the problem and make it look intentional." Ha!

  6. I really like all the layers and textures on your layout...and the peek into your scrap space - it looks like the perfect place to create!

  7. FABULOUS design, I love all the layers and I'm so jealous of your studio!

  8. Love it!! Water stains and all!! It's so shabby chic!!!

  9. Love the stars on your layout :)

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