Damn animals!

Don't go calling PETA or ASPCA on me, I love my pets, I really do.  They seriously pissed me off royally yesterday.   Both of them.   I may or may not have posted on my facebook page about needing cement shoes for both of them.

Here are the jerks:

 So what happened.  First this happened - quoted from my facebook page.

"I could cry. Chicken (my cat) spilled an entire glass of water on my layout. I'm sure I'll be able to salvage it but right now the damn cat better hide.

Ugh...ruined Thickers.  Soooo sad. :(

 Then this happened -quoted from facebook.
"So I'm sitting at my desk drying and ironing my scrapbook page the damn cat spilled water on when the cat jumps onto my desk followed by the dog. The cat takes off, the dog takes off, getting caught up in the cord for my amazing task lamps with the $25 daylight bulbs. Damn lamp goes side ways across the desk sweeping everything with it, I grab my phone and iPad before they go crashing to the floor only for the dog to come running towards me (all the way around the desk) with the extension cord literally wrapped around her body. One of my two lamps is broken, everything that was on my desk is now on the floor. Effin' dog is outside and effin' cat is probably shitting in my bed. Grrrrrrr."
So where did this layout start from?  Let me show you the process.

Be still my heart, that's FIVE sheets of paper? Goodbye hoarding days!

HELLO GOLD THREAD!  Isn't that gorg????

And a Washi tape banner?  OH MY GOSH!

Watercolor pencils?  Seriously? Yes, seriously!

Wait...Wood veneer and gold stitching on the photo collage?  Why yes.

Playing around with placement...nothing permanent here...well except for the stitching and the stickers and the washi tape banner.
A stamped banner? Sure, why not?

And then the cat ruined it.   It's still sitting on my desk.  I think I'm going to be able to salvage it, but there are definitely more wrinkles than I envisioned. :(
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