Weekend Scrappin'




I completed three adorable Annika layouts this weekend.

Adorable Annika was created using Flergs Caramel Pudding Kit and Glitter by Flergs.   I just love her stuff so much (I know, I keep saying that, but it's TRUE!!!!)  I felt that the outfit Annika was wearing was a little too bright, so I played with the photo a little bit, making the outfit a little less bright.  My little thumb sucker.  I have a love hate relationship with the thumb sucking.  I know that I SHOULD hate it and I SHOULD make her stop.  I LOVE that she sucks her thumb, it reminds me of how young she really is.  She's my last baby and I want to hold onto that feeling FOREVER!!!

Be Mine was created using Amanda Dykan's Kiwi Mochacino and Caramel Pudding Glitter by Flergs.  I took the photos of Annika last Valentine's Day.   Her daddy gave her that pillow and boy does she love it!!!

Pure Joy
was started last week at the crop I went to.  I used Holiday Jingle and Merry & Bright,  both by Gina Cabrera.  I also added a touch of Caramel Pudding Glitter by Flergs.  I have to add glitter to everything I do!!!!

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