TONS of Layouts!!!



OMG!!!  I can't believe how far I fell behind in my blog!!! Since my last entry I have about 10 more layouts to show off.  Call me the bad blogger, go ahead, I DARE you!!!

First up is... Little Ladybug.  These photos are from right before we moved from our old house. The kiddos found a ladybug in the backyard and brought it in.  Alex was trying to give it to Annika but she kept freaking out!  Finally the exchange was made. I used Love Shack by Shabby Miss Jenn, Caramel Pudding Glitter by Flergs, Black Jack, and CK Typeset

Next on the list is a layout featuring my girlfriend's new baby boy, Colton.  He is the MOST adorable baby.  I can't wait to meet him in person.  SHe (my friend) moved away and we communicate my phone, email, and instant messanger.  I have always wanted to create a layout using angel wings.  I used Lovey Dovey by Gina Cabrera, Wonderland by Gina Cabrera, December Idea Notebook by Gina Cabrera, Deacon's Closet Glitter by Flergs, CK Cursive, and CK Cute.

Last for this blog entry is Annika's Garden.   I used Kiwi Mocha by Amanda Dykan, Ladies Prefer Pink by Amanda Dykan, Kraft Papers by Amanda Dykan, and Caramel Pudding Glitter by Flergs.

More layouts later, it's time for me to think about going to work. :)

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  1. CUUUUUTE PAGES DARLING!!!!!! Just wanted to make sure you got my email! :)

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