Just picked these up....

Want to know the truth?  I HATE SHOPPING!!! Seriously I hate it.  I do however LOVE TO SHOP for digital kits.  It's so easy, so quick, and sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!

I've picked up a few wonderful kits in the past week or so...

Ice Cream Party by Shabby Miss Jenn

Gina Cabrera's Idea Notebook

Caramel Pudding by Flergs and Jana

Caramel Pudding Glitter by Flergs

Deacon's Closet by Flergs

Deacon's Closet Glitter by Flergs

Ladies Prefer Pink by Amanda Dykan

Kiwi Mochacino by Amanda Dykan

Notepaper Alpha by Amanda Dykan

Scrappin' Essentials: Digi Kraft Paper by Amanda Dykan

Sedona by Kim Wresh

Timeless by Sandra Adamson

Icy by Jennifer Trippetti


1 Response
  1. Angie S Says:

    WOW!! Why do you do this to me? Everytime I read your blog I have to go shopping!!! :) These are beautiful!!

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