Can I tell you how much I love scrapping?  It's been so much fun to just SIT and SCRAP my memories!!!  I love the feeling of putting together a layout.  I'm the type of layout artist that does it all in one sitting.  I need that instant gratification.  I think it's the ADD in me that can't possibly "finish" it another day.   I keep a folder on my little EHD for "Layouts in Progress", they are OLD!!! I really should delete them and start fresh. 

I made 2 layouts yesterday.  The first one was a Scraplift for for a challenge by "Lifts with a Twist".  The site is closing down and the last lift was to use SMJ.  How could this GIANT fan of SMJ refuse???  I really had a lot of fun with the layout.  The picture I used was of Annika opening up her Hannah Montana doll that Grandpa Ray and Grandma Linda gave her.  She threw up her hands to her face and just started shrieking.  I honestly had no idea that present would be such a hit.  I used SMJ's Tree Trimmin' Party and Xmas Market kits. WHich I should add, go wonderfully together and I've put together so many layouts with!

The second layout I did was with Flergs' new kit, Deacon's Closet.   I used all the "add-ons" too, Glitter and Swirls.  I wanted the layout to have lots of layering.  I keep seeing awesome layouts in the galleries with tons of layering and lots of negative space.  I struggle with negative space, I always feel like something is missing.  I did my best here with both concepts.  I really like the way it came out.   The picture is of Alex doing donuts on his little Kawasaki KLX110.  Now, most of you don't ride and therefore have NO idea... his bike is AWESOME.  It's not just a stock 110.  A friend of ours redid the suspension, added a clutch, put a new exhaust, added lots of BLING, etc.   Alex is really an amazing little rider.  He rides hard, crashes harder, and gets back up to go again.  I have been talking to the husband about getting this boy on a track.  He needs to learn control and how to ride technically.  We have two friends that have said that they'd work with him on his technical riding.  Watch out friends, Alex  is on his way to track near you!

I have a third layout to share with you too.  I didn't do this one yesterday, but the day before.  ANNIKA has started to ride a dirt bike!!! This particular bike isn't hers, we borrowed it from a friend.  I really thought she'd be more apprehensive, NO WAY!!!  She takes after her brother whom has no fear.  She hopped up on that bad boy and off she went.  When we'd try to get her to stop, she'd ride past us giggling...NO WAY MOM, I wanna ride!!!!  I used Amanda Dykan's new kit Ladies Prefer Pink and her new alphabet Notepaper Alpha.  Super stuff my friends, super stuff!!!




2 Responses
  1. Monique Says:

    WOW those are great layouts! I love the expression on your DD's face opening her gift, it's priceless! It's so great that you were able to capture it and do it justice with your layout. Have a great day and keep scrapping those wonderful layouts!

  2. Awesome job getting all those layouts done!! I really love the second one with all the layers and texture...awesome awesome job!!! And my my how big your little ones are!!

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