Studio Remodel

For the past few weeks I've been working on a simultaneous remodel and destash here in the studio.  Essentially my studio went from fairly organized to an absolute mess to starting to resemble something really amazing.   My dining room table on the other hand is a freakin' mess!!! I have boxes piled high in there for my soon to be craft/yard/junk sale.   For the past 43,506 years I've been absolutely fascinated by the Tiffany blue color only for it to become the IN color.  I'm not sure how I feel about everyone loving MY color, but I guess I'll live.   I have these amazing blue metal bins that I got from Target about 5000 years ago.    I decided to cover them with Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon.   I ♥ them more than I ever thought I could.   Here's a before and an in-progress.  I LOVE the pop of green ribbon.   I seriously want to marry it!
Before: U.G.L.Y.
After: Beautiful! :) 
Then because I fell in love with spray paint, I decided to paint all my little $1 buckets that I got from Target! :)  I used Banner Red from Krylon.     I used a Cropodile to add ribbon holes to some of the tins.
I also painted some Ocean Breeze color.
Then I decided to add paper to my clear Ikea storage bins.  Again I labeled with a tag and coordinating ribbon. :)    Swoon.   Now you can't see my messy fabric.   
Cropper Hopper paper files with ribbons ♥ I'll label them as I organize.
Now I bet you're wondering, what about the walls?  Currently my studio is painted a very fresh apple green.  I've decided to go with a pale gray so that the Tiffany Blue, Red, and Green can POP! :)   I haven't decided on an exact color yet.    

I might even paint more of the photo boxes.  I haven't decided yet. That gives you an idea of the current wall color. 
I have many of my markers, pencils, and pens in silverware caddies.  They are all going to be getting a makeover unless they already work in this scheme.  

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