All or nothing

It's no secret, I have a studio full to the brim with art supplies. I love to create in there with my Daylight and Ott lights, optimal space, and endless supplies.

I also like to get out of the house, especially when I've been cooped up with my children all summer long. One of my favorite things to do is head to my local coffee shop, ahem.... Starbucks, and spend an hour listening to my tunes and working on art.

What's a girl like me supposed to do. I'm not used to having to pick and choose from my supplies. I recently got a Copic 72 marker case and I was pretty bummed about it cause how could I possibly choose only 72 markers???? Before a recent trip to Starbucks I simply grabbed the markers that were on my desk and stuffed them in the case along with my multiliners and literally ran out the door with my case and my sketch book. It was actually nice not having to weed through all my markers.
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