Do you smash?

I was introduced to the smash journal at the winter 2011 CHA. I honestly didn't see the point as it was just another scrapbook item.

Over the next year I began to see Smash products all over the place. Each time I would hold them in my hand, flip through the pages and tell myself over and over, "NO, it's not gonna happen."

Well it happened alright. I own two Smash journals, a host of product, and I still continue to peruse the aisles.

I'm constantly asked, "What do you do in there.". Well, I smash. I smash when I remember. I've recently decided to take all my snapshots from my iPad and iPhone, edit them in instagram or picframe and print them out. It's pretty easy to preserve memories this way. Picframe has an add-on purchase where you can add labels to your pics. I absolutely love that feature.

So here you go. Check out how I use my smash books.
1 Response
  1. Andrea D Says:

    Thanks Samara! I have been so tempted to start one of these. Looks fun and easy. But I still may be too lazy!

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