Major Reorganization here in the studio

This summer I spent quite a bit of time working on various things to organize my supplies.

This first one is a copic swatch book.   I have a Copic Color chart that I've colored by hand, but I find when I'm looking to match colors to a particular pattern paper, it's very difficult as the color boxes just aren't big enough.  I was searching and searching for something else, when I came across Michelle's blog at Purple Onion Designs.  Off to work I went.  I started by opening a spreadsheet in Excel. The top line is the color code, under that the color name.    After printing and cutting out, I punched holes.  I then colored three lines, the top line is one layer, the second is two, and the bottom is three layers.  This provides a great representation of color.   I then punched a hole in the corner and put them on a binder ring.

Here is an example of how I used the ring. I knew I wanted to use this paper and wanted to color coordinate the image.
What I like best is I ended up blending colors that I would not have normally blended!  For example I used B93, B12, and B0000 together!!  

Next up is my scraps storage.
Scraps are so frustrating!   I have scraps everywhere.  I don't dare throw out a piece larger than 2x2 inches.  But what do you do with the extras?  I wanted something affordable.  Meaning if I could re purpose what I already had that would be the best option.  Next I wanted something that didn't require a lot of space.  Space is a premium in my studio.  Lastly I wanted something that would make it easy to locate a particular scrap.

I started out with a notebook that I purchased on sale at Staples a few weeks ago. I realize that I do need a bigger one though.  I then took page protectors that I already had and labeled them with a color name and type of paper.  For every color I have two page protectors, one for patterns and one for cardstock.   Next, I loaded them up!  I don't have a problem with the 12 inch papers sticking out of the top as this binder sits on my desk.

Lastly I had a mission to organize my collection of 105 Magnolia Stamps.  I wanted it to be portable, but I wanted to be able to see my stamps at a glance.  I previously had used CD cases, but when only 2-3 stamps fit in a case, I was quickly running out of room to store the cases.   I searched all over my office for something to use.  Finally I realized that I had a PSB from Crop in Style.  I've had this binder for YEARS and it's been sitting under my desk collecting dust.
First thing I did was dust it off! Heehee!  Next I cut paper to fit each of the sections in the PSB refill pages. I then stamped an image on the sheet, turned it over and slipped into the pocket complete with the stamp!  
Lastly, I always get asked about my Copic marker storage.  I found this metal silverware caddy at Target a few years back.  It has 6 sections.  It's worked fine for my complete collection of Caio markers with a few Sketch markers.  If I order even one more Sketch marker, I'll have to figure out something else to use!  I attached a small wooden dowel on the side of the caddy so that I can flip it down and have all my markers peeking out at my horizontally.  My scrap desk is pretty high and I can't have my markers vertical because I wouldn't be able to see them!

So there you have it!  My mission to organize was very successful and so easy for me to use too!
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I have ONE more until I reach 100!!! Woot!!! I'm still thinking about what I should do to celebrate. 

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  1. Kim Y. Says:

    Great organization! Thanks for sharing!

  2. PaulaM Says:

    OMG - you have outdone yourself. I love the way you have done your unmounted stamps - I have been trying to decide how I want to organize mine and this is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Rene Says:

    WOW!!!! I can tell you put a lot of time into it but it looks soooo worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh no . . . you're up to 1o6!!! Time to celebrate for sure!!! Love your organization system, very cool.

  5. Great ideas. You should be proud of yourself. I'm working on the same organizing projects and you've given me some wonderful inspiration. It's a lot of work, but so worthwhile. I so much like what you've done.
    Sue S.
    P.S. 107

  6. Jean Says:

    Oh my this is great... Yes, you should be proud of yourself!! I know I am proud of you!! I also put all my stamps into baseball card see through holders, but haven't found any clear ones for the larger stamps, but haven't been shopping lately, been too busy, but love your copics holder.. very smart!!! now your are ready to work (as if you haven't been!!! Great job Samara!! Hugs, Jean

  7. Thx for sharing your fab organizing ideas! I luv how you store your stamps. I currently store mine in clear cd cases which I'm finding takes up too much space so I would like to switch to how you store yours in a binder. Where did you purchase the clear storage sleeves for the binder? I looked on Ebay but couldn't find the one you use :o(


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Love the swatch idea and was wondering if you would be willing to share the excel sheet you created :)

  9. Oh so cool!! love reading your adventure on how you organized everything!!
    and WELL DONE!!!!!! all set in the right place!

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