Perfect for a Tween Boy

A few weeks ago I was checking out the store at Pollycraft and fell in love with Hamilton.  Hamilton reminds me of my tween boy and I just knew that I had to have him.

As you can imagine, most of my cards do NOT get the stamp of approval from my twelve year old son.  They are too cute, too girlie, too happy, too everything that he is not.  When I showed him my cards with Hamilton his face lit up and he was just getting ready to tell me how much he loved the card, but then teen agnst creep in.
  • Son: I bet he has a cell phone.
  • Mom: He's a card
  • Son: Still, I bet he has a cell phone.
  • Mom: Well of course he does, how else does he call all the girl rubber stamps?
  • Son: Ugh....
  • Mom: Well?  You like?
  • Son: It's ok, well um, yeah, but wait.   
  • Mom: What?
  • Son: He's kinda smiling, tweens don't smile.
  • Mom: So, do I get your approval.
  • Son: Take off his smile and we'll talk.
As you can clearly see, I think my son approved of this card! :)


Digi Stamp: Hamilton - Bashful by Pollycraft
Paper: Daydreams by K& Company
2 Responses
  1. Super fun card, I love how you've numbered the end of your Ciao's...I may have to borrow that idea.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well, that's an accomplishment...impressing your toughest critic! Great card!

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