A few months of excitement!

A few months ago I posted that I had some top secret news.   It was simply that we were moving.  It's done now.  We moved a few blocks away into a gorgeous house that definitely has required more attention than we originally thought.   That's ok though.   I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it was to find a house to meet  our needs. I can say that in our search I realized one important thing, my family recognizes me as an artist.   We'd walk through houses and my husband would say, "Where would you put your studio?"   I would get all melty inside every single time he'd say that.   Our new house is slightly larger than our previous home, but one bedroom less. 

My studio used to be in a tiny downstairs bedroom, tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of the world.  Now my studio is upstairs in an open loft central to EVERYTHING.   It's definitely taken some getting used to, that's fo' sho.    I used to be able to video tape without distraction, now I have to learn how to edit.      My new studio is nothing short of amazing.  I probably have double the space of the previous area.  I don't have the computer in there, we have a separate office area.  I have room for several friends to come over and join me, I have a window that lets in plenty of light and a gentle breeze.   And best of all, no ceiling lights...say what?   Well for whatever reason the previous owners never put up ceiling lights. For the first few weeks we lived here, I was MISERABLE in my studio.  I was only able to work during the daylight hours which is totally NOT me.  I finally had enough and last week I decided to fix that.   I bought some lights, strung them across the ceiling with a staple gun, hung paper lanterns and ......

the room is so fun, you can't help but be happy in there.     I'm still working on unboxing things, but slowly it's coming together into something I adore.   I was able to get some artwork on the walls.   It's all temporary though as I see this as a gallery too and it's all for sale! :)

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  1. Hi Samara, I'm full of envy at the space you have! My office isn't big enough to be anything else.

    I've not visited you blog before but came across you on Youtube. I've just been a having a happy time trawling back through old posts here and subscribed.

    On some of your videos I noticed that you use handmade journals and I was wondering, what kind of paper do you use?

    As a teacher as well, I am amazed you manage to get so much done - I'm inspired to try and use my time better, my blog and my garden have been ignored for weeks!!

  2. I've just found the answer to my question - another of your videos: Art Journaling {Making a Journal} ;)

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