Organizing my scraproom

I pretty much love my space, but it's getting too crowded.   I added a treadmill about 2 years ago.  I recently joined the Y and my daughter and I go on a regular basis.  I've found over the course of 2 years, I really don't use the treadmill.  I originally paid $75 for it from a guy on Craigslist.  I just listed it on my facebook for $60 and a friend is going to get it tomorrow!!! This will open up some space in my room.  

All the pictures I've included are a few years old, but I identified some current problems.

Problem one:
My room is only 1/2 painted!!! It's been like that for nearly 3 years.  It's a beautiful green apple with red accents.   The wall behind my work area is still white.  

Problem two:
Too much crap!!!   I've definitely weeded out a bunch of stuff over the past two years, but I realize I need to do more.  I have a giant drawer full of Jolee's and EK Success tags.  I'm going to list them on craigslist or split coast stampers or ebay and finally get rid of them!  I'm pretty comfortable with my paper supply, I have a lot.  I weeded that out and got rid of patterns that I knew I'd never use.

Problem three:
The big Ikea shelf behind me.  it's so disorganized.   I'm going to really try to organize it.

Problem four:
I have these great metal bins from target, but they are blue.  I'm going to have my husband get some spray paint and spray them red to match my room.   I really love the bins as they provide great storage.  

Problem five:
The mess on the big Ikea shelf.  It's bad. The picture I included doesn't do it justice.  

Problem six:
My ratty Herman Miller office chair.  I will never ever give it up.  Go ahead, look up Herman Miller chairs.  Mine is upholstered.  I'm going to figure out how to recover it in some great red fabric. 

Problem seven:
The window.   I really want a shelf above the window for a permanent display of some sort.  I also want a valance.  I have some red fabric I picked up at ikea, I just need to do it. 
Those are all my problem areas for now...

I'm hoping to be back with a few of these problem areas FIXED! :) 
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