FOBTY 4/2/09

FOBTY 4/2/09

Five shows....
1. Castle- This is new favorite show!!! The lead actor is seriously ON FIRE!!! mmmmm


2. Dexter - Seriously LOVE this show too!!!! I'm always rooting for my guy.


3. Big Love - I don't know why, but DH and I are addicted.  It's the only show we watch together.


4. House - Seriously, how could you NOT love a doctor with a Vicodin addition?


5. Grey's Anatomy - LOVE every one of the characters, except Mer...  I am in LOVE (maybe it's lust) with Mc Steamy. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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  1. I saw a comment you made over at, well here is the link to your comment, and I wondered if you ended up doing the weight loss scrapbook. I'm interested in doing one, just looking for ideas. :) Thanx!

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