FOBTY- Feburary 5th, 2009

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"In the spirit of celebrating birthdays, I want to know how YOU
celebrate. Do you have a favorite birthday that stands out to you from
your childhood? A memorable party, gift, family member who made your
day? Tell us your best birthday memories (either as a child or adult,
anything goes!)."

My birthdays have always been time of anxiety.  Due to reasons that I won't go into here, I usually end up sick or am stricken with anxiety.  As I've gotten older, honestly it's downright hysterical.

The year that I thought I was turning 25 I had a total meltdown in our backyard.  Jamie kept asking me what I was so upset about.  I told him I was turning 25.  He laughed, told me no, that I was turning 24.  He made me do the math, it didn't matter. In my mind I was going to be 25!!!

This year I pulled another funny stunt.  My birthday is at the end of this month.  A few weeks ago I pulled out my driver's license and noticed that it was going to expire.  I spent an hour on the DMV website trying to arrange an appointment.  I go into the wonderful world of DMV only to have the worker laugh at me.  Well, it doesn't expire this year!!! It's next year!!!! Cause apparently I can't tell the difference between 2009 and 2010.  Really, it's like all common sense and the ability to reason go out the window when it's near my birthday.

I'm totally staying at 29.  I really like the nice young age of 29.  I have vowed to stay here forever. I've got it all worked out.  My step mother is 39 and my grandmother is 49 (she's actually 94!!!)   What happens when Annika reaches 29?   Give me a margarita and I guess I'll relunctantly move onto 39 and make my step mother move to 49. :) 

I remember the year I turned 16.  My parent's hosted a sweet sixteen party at the house. It was beautiful.  My dad forgot to take pictures!!!!

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