Project 365 - Day 1 & FOB2Y - Resolutions and stuff

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New Year, new challenges, new dreams, new resolutions...   
I'm still in a bit of a fog when it comes to the new year.  I can't believe it's here already.  As usual I have a list of resolutions:
1. Exercise MORE.  I bought a great little treadmill.  My goal is to walk at least 30 min a day.
2. Drink MORE. Water that is. :)
3. Eat. Less. Junk. 'nuff said
4. As a result of 1-3, I should begin to lose some pounds. :)
5. Take a daily picture. 
6. Cook more.
7. Yell less.
8. Finish my independent study courses.
9. Play more.
10. Challenge myself artistically.
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