So ashamed...

I can't believe that I let my blog go!!!! I've been SUPER incredibly busy the past month.  I tried out for two teams at the Sweet Shoppe and didn't make either of them.  I didn't really expect to get the SweetShoppe Babe title, but I really did expect to get the Hybrid Babe gig.  It hurt pretty bad when I got my reject letter. 

Other than that, I've been busy with home life and school life.  The kids just finished their baseball season.  Finally we don't have practice every night...kinda.  Alex has already started a one night a week football practice AND he was asked to play on a tournament team for baseball. 

On the school front, we are winding down our year. State testing is finished, thank goodness!!!!  I decided at this busy time of year to take a class too!!!  I'm taking the Geology of Southern California.   I really like the class and only have two more assignments to complete.   I need to write a lesson plan on some aspect of So. Cal Geology and I have to make a visit to a place of geological importance.

On the design front....I'm thrilled to announce that I joined two new Creative Teams.  First, I'm on ScrapKitchen's layout team.  OMG, what a dream come true!!!! I've been a fan of Susan's since back in the day when she had her own store.

Secondly...Dani Mogstad asked me to be one of her altered girls!!!! OMG!!!! I've been a fan of Dani's for a long time too!!  In fact, I've been wearing a "fan" blinkie for a few months now. 

I'll leave you with a few of my most recent projects.... (click on them to view the credits)


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  1. Jena Says:

    Hi Samara!! Just wanted to say "hi" and say how wonderful it is to "find" you and see your work again! Missed ya!
    Jena aka JenaRN

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