Oh man...

Someone explain to me HOW on Earth my computer contracted SPYware and viruses with Norton and other programs running?  This is something I really, really want to know.  When I picked my computer up last week, the tech guy said that I had something like 600 infections!

Over the past two weeks I've been dealing with so much CRAP it's not even funny.  I swear, when it rains it pours!  You all know about Chicken and the computer, both of which are better.... :)  You don't know about Annika though.

Last Monday Annika was sitting outside on the front porch coloring when her paper blew down the street.  She asked if she could go get it.  I told her yes and then she requested my shoes.  Fine.  Off she went down the street with ME watching her.  She gets to the corner (about 6 houses down) and then she's totally farting around down there.  I'm yelling at her, "Come ON!!!!!!!!!  Get your paper and come back."  She starts hiding around the lightpost and I'm getting madder and madder.  All of a sudden a lady in a black Honda pulls over to her.  I hear her ask, "Are you ok? Do you know him?"  At this point I'm walking to Annika and now I'm freaked because a STRANGER is talking to her.  The lady pulls up to me and proceeds to tell me this....

"Are you her mother?
"I don't normally turn this way, I live of the other side, but a man was trying to take your daughter's picture. YOu couldn't see him because he was around the corner, hiding behind the wall."
"I'll be back, I'm going to find him. Call the police."
I freak out! I grab Annika, shove her and Alex in the house, tell them to lock the door and call 911 if anyone comes to the door that's not us.  I grab Jamie and we go looking for the guy.   Tall, dark man, with longish hair and facial hair.  He's wearing a tan shirt and is on a bicycle.  We searched for nearly 45 minutes.   We didn't find him. 
We get home and talk to Annika and she tells us that not only did he try to take her picture, the MFer offered her candy too.  The police were of no help and said that no crime was committed.  I'm still pretty shook up over the whole incident.
We spent the next week role playing with Annika.  What do you do if someone grabs you?  "Scream, you're NOT my mommy." Bite him as hard as you can. Kick him, do whatever you can to get away. 

I did make a layout today too, it's the ONLY picture I took last Halloween.  BAD, BAD, BAD scrapbooker!!! Credits: Smell my Feet by Shabby Princess and Photo Actions by Holly McCaig.

2 Responses
  1. Oh! Samara that is so scary! It sounds like you handled the situation very very well though. I hope your reign of bad luck is ending and you have some luck come your way after all that you have been through.

  2. Deb Says:

    Samara, there HAS to be someone to report that episode to! Call the news station, a child hotline, surely someone needs to know about this.
    I see reports several times a year about someone offering kids candy, a pet, a cute stuffed animal, etc outside of one of the schools in our area. And our PD takes it pretty seriously.
    I'd never let my children outside alone again!
    Big hugs for you all,

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