Meg asks...what's funny?

Funny you ask that question!!! LOL I just love humor. Let's see, this morning I woke up with my daughter in my bed. I asked her, "What are you doing here?" To which she replied, "I can't BURP my ABC's."

WHAT???? I sat there stunned. Hmmm, I didn't ask about her ABC's. But whatever. I told her that I couldn't either. She said, but Bubba can. Bubba is her big brother! LOL

You want more humor? One of my first grade students told me that his dad has hem-a-royds. LOLOLOLOL I nearly died laughing!!! How can I look this parent in the eye? Oh dear.
2 Responses
  1. Meg Says:

    ACK! Sometimes you want to tape those little buggers' mouths shut! But then you wouldn't get a peek into their world. Love this! Excuse me while I go practice my ABC's!

  2. I never thought of burping the ABC's. LOLOL!

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