2/13/06 Designer's Challenge

Lisa and I did it again. The funny thing is
we didn't think we'd pull it off. I personally think the kit came out adorable! I sure hope that everyone that was at the crop/chat enjoys it as much as I do. Posted by Picasa
2 Responses
  1. Lori Says:

    Hi! I'm surfing through! hehe I am a member of DSP. I clicked on Lisa's blog on her siggie...which led me to here.
    I don't get online at night much so I miss all the crop/chats. However, I am just now learning stuff so I am not sure how good I can do at that stuff anyway. hehe
    Anyway, I thought I might frequent more scrapper blogs and I LOVE the layout you've posted here!!! :)

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! I have to get to one of these chats, I don't know how you two make a whole kit in an hour. Bravo! :-)

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