Monday Night Designer's Challenge

I'm so honored! Lisa Carter asked me if I was interested in helping her out with her Designer's Challenge Chat. Of course, I said yes!! From now on the two of us are teaming up to create a mini kit in one hour. Yes, one hour! The best part of the chat is that the people in the chat room decide what we are creating! We go in having NO idea what we are going to make. Tonight people asked for a "Year in Review." Lisa picked the colors and made all the elements in this kit. I made the two backgrounds. The real magic for me will be when I see them used!!!

Anyway, if you're around next Monday night be sure to pop in the chat room at See you next week! Posted by Picasa
1 Response
  1. HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I'm yelling!)

    I will try to be there, it's like reality scrapbooking! ;-)

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